After a few years of planting your fruit tree, you will need to start taking good care of them. If you want to get the best yields from the trees as you envisioned pruning is important. Lack of pruning will leave your fruit trees looking like overgrown bushes. To keep the trees productive, pruning is essential. Fruit tree pruning should be done carefully. Wrong pruning will delay your trees from bearing the fruits at the right time. Wrong pruning could also reduce the production of the trees. If you want to prune your trees and get the desired yields follow the following steps.

  • Start by Clean Pruning

The first thing to do is to prune away all damaged, dead and diseased parts of the tree. This is essential to ensure the disease or decay does not spread all over the tree. Check whether your trees have suckers and prune them too. Suckers are branches that grow around the trunk of the tree. These normally come out of the rootstock. Prune all branches that are redundant in the tree. Leave only the right branches that are healthy and can bear fruits.

  • Perform a Thin Out Pruning

This is a thinning process that is aimed at opening the canopy of the tree. This boosts air circulation and allows light in the tree. It further reduces pest problems and reduces diseases from the tree. Higher yields are therefore achieved. In thinning out, remove branches that are growing downwards. Look for branches that are crossing other branches and remove them too. Have evenly spaced branches in the tree. Ensure they grow outwards and upwards. remove branches that seem to be competing with one another. As you prune leave the healthiest branched on the tree.

  • Head Back Pruning as the Last Step

Fruit trees always become heavy when the fruits grow large. Therefore, there is a need to train your tree branches to be strong. This type of pruning involves pruning the outermost growth of your tree. You prune branches to be shorter and thicker. You don’t live your tree branches to be gangly and long. This helps the tree to hold the weight of the fruits. Scientists also say it concentrates hormones and activates growth leading to higher yields. This type of pruning should be done on every branch. The pruning should be repeated time over time as the branches continue to grow. However, when repeating the pruning in future ensure you don’t cut the branches at the same spot where you had pruned the previous time. This kind of running also gives the tree important cuts. These cuts are the point of the tree budding.

Pruning fruit tree not only makes it healthy but prolongs its life. You are able to enjoy fruits from the same tree for a longer period of time. The yield of the tree increases as the tree keeps on growing over time.