Why Handling Tree Removal on your Own is a Bad Decision

Why Handling Tree Removal on your Own is a Bad Decision

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Aside from providing a great view of one’s home, many people consider trees to be essential in their lives because of the cool shade and fresh air that they are known to provide. They have a lot of other conspicuous benefits to the environment as well.

But when removing a tree becomes a necessity, no matter how difficult dealing with it may seem, the best thing to do is just to let it go when they are becoming hazardous. Another reason in which a homeowner may find it essential to remove trees is when trees get in the way of their home or yard renovation project.

In most cases, experts won’t immediately advise you to remove your tree. They will try to examine if there are other ways for you to go on with your home improvement project without removing the trees, then by all means, they can suggest it to you. This is why you should always consult a tree professional when faced with this situation as they allow you to explore all the options you have.

Tree services are experts in tree works. You can immensely benefit from the skills, expertise, and knowledge of these professionals. All these are needed to ensure that any tree job is done right, whether it only involves cutting and pruning or removing the tree entirely.

Cutting a tree involves not just having the right tools, but ensuring that one has safety gears and the proficiency required. It is not a good idea to continue with the tree work on your own when you do not have any of the mentioned requirements. Otherwise, you will be faced with negative circumstances when you fail to correctly and successfully cut or remove the tree. You can avoid these consequences from taking place when you choose to let the experts do the job for you.

The success of the entire tree cutting or removal process will depend on the choice of tree service that you choose. Because this job is serious and complicated, you definitely want to hire a professional who is fully equipped for the job. They must have the certification, insurance and license the job requires. They must be trained and experienced. Finally, they should give great importance to safety not only for their sake but for the properties around and the people are near your vicinity.

Tree removal should not be done when you are not experienced at it. More so, when you do not have the tools that the job demands in order to ensure success. It is best to hire a tree service that knows the right techniques and ways to complete the job without damaging properties or injuring people.

Getting your trees up to a good start

Getting your trees up to a good start

Every gardening enthusiast- even the beginners- knows that it’s not every tree you can plant directly in the garden. There are some trees that require an initial stage of indoor nurturing and care. There are various ways to go about this and an environmentally controlled and self-contained nursery system is a good idea. However, this is a little on the expensive side especially for those who only take gardening as a minor hobby. A very good solution to this dilemma is the use of containers. While this practice has been in use for a long time, a lot of people can’t seem to handle it on their own and require the help of tree companies. We will be showing you tips to keep in mind that will help you to successfully grow trees from a container either permanently or for eventual transplanting into your garden.

The Pot itself

Appearance: You need to be particular about the kind of tree pot you’re going to choose for your tree. If it will involve an eventual transplant to the garden, then you don’t necessarily have to care about the design or shape of the pot, all you have to be concerned about will be how efficient it will be in meeting your purposes. However, for ornamental trees that will be permanently grown in a tree pot, it’s important that you factor in points like shape, design, and color. You need to choose something that will accentuate the beauty of the tree. Our showroom displays various types of tree container for you to choose from

You may need to do a little research here, figure out how wide and deep the roots of the tree you intend to plan spread, this will help you to decide on the size specifications of the container you  will be using

Material: This is also something important to factor in. Plastics are a good idea for smaller trees that will be moved about frequently, however, if the potted tree will be exposed to a lot of wind and left outdoors, clay pots are heavier and will be a little more stable.

Outlet: There has to be sufficient space for water to drain out below the pot, a small hole will lead to waterlogging which is bad for the plant.


After picking the pot, the soil with which it will be filled is the next most important factor. As opposed to popular practice, it’s not wise to pick up soil just from anywhere outdoors, rather, you could purchase at a low-cost well-composted soil which is conditioned particularly for potted trees. Keep in mind that the soil should be changed occasionally to keep it fresh and refurbished with the necessary nutrients required for tree growth.


Growing your trees in a container does not have to be a stressful exercise. For further assistance or to have us help you develop your own tree-container collection, contact tree service Portland and we’ll definitely deliver the best services to you.


Why Getting a Tree Service is a Sound Idea

Why Getting a Tree Service is a Sound Idea

Some people think that getting a tree service is an unnecessary expense. They decide to do the tree care or removal on their own thinking it is a better option and will avoid them from shelling out cash from their pocket. The truth is there are some good reasons why you should consider hiring a tree service, whether you need someone to look after your trees and ensure their health, or when you need to remove a tree after it fell from the ground.

Even with trees that need cutting and trimming, using professional help is a much better alternative to doing the job on your own. The benefits which include efficient and safe results, often outweigh the cost that usually comes with hiring professionals.

Getting a tree service is essential if you have trees at home. This ensures not only your safety, or your property’s but also that of your neighbors and other nearby structures. Some trees can grow as high as your home and its branches can become frail over time. Without regular trimming or pruning, these weak branches can cause accident. This is true especially when there are typhoons or strong storms that can easily break them.

A tree service can help reduce the risk of accident. There are even tree service companies that ensure your trees will be safe or prepared for any disaster by performing regular trimming and branch removal.

Extremely tall and large trees can obstruct public utilities such as power lines. When the branches reach these lines, they can be a cause of electrical problems and can bring inconvenience to the entire household or neighborhood. Their huge roots can also take up space in your garden and may sometimes prevent you from doing activities there.

You will be given with options by a tree service on whether you should completely let go of the tree or have its branches removed. Make sure to give it a thought. If there is a way you can save and keep the tree, then do so. If it is not posing threats to safety and trimming can address the problem, you can go ahead and tell the tree service to do what they need to do.

Hiring a tree service is much cheaper than if you were to pay for the damage that they may cause in the future. Problematic trees and those affected with diseases can affect nearby plants and may harm your entire garden or landscape. Also, fragile branches of trees can be major cause of accident to people and damage to property. You can avoid any of these situations by using the services of a tree company who has experienced and skilled staffs that possess the right tools to perform the tree job.



An ecosystem is composed of humans, animals, and plants.  Plants include the trees we see and have in our neighborhood. But trees are also seen in the wildlife or forests. However, in the forest, forest tree removal contractors or logging services are the ones responsible for forest management.  Both arborists and logging services involve the process of tree removal, the difference is the area where the service is done.

  Both of the services have their benefits.  Both services encourage health improvement.  In tree removal, a tree should be removed if the tree’s interior and exterior are already decaying, thus nearly approaching death. Similar to tree removal, logging is done if the tree is diseased or dead, preventing the fungi or bacteria to spread which can cause further damage to other healthy trees. Also, logging is needed when there are overgrown branches preventing proper lighting and air circulation to occur. Another common benefit is for safety purposes. If the tree is unhealthy and have a weak structure, it can possibly fall anytime, thus, the need to remove it. The risks of having injuries and accidents are eliminated because of the tree removal and logging services.  Both tree removal and logging service may have similar benefits but also have their own.

In logging, the trees competition is minimized because when a tree is cut down in the forest it creates another area and space for the other trees to be able to be successful in their process called photosynthesis.  With logging, the parts of the tree can be used as materials and tools to make another object which is helpful to humanity.  The examples are chairs and tables, home structure, ornaments, and many more. Logging can also reduce the risk of forest fires. By minimizing the numbers of the trees in the forest, it reduces the chances for the fire to spread further in the instance that a forest fire will occur.

Unlike logging, tree removal only concerns a few numbers of trees. The main benefit of tree removal is to reduce the risks of the tree falling to people unexpectedly and to be able to create a better façade for a property.

  But tree removal and logging can be prevented if only proper maintenance and care are administered to the trees.  Professional tree care contractors offer tree maintenance, assessment, and evaluation. These tree contractors are skilled, experienced and certified in the said field. There are many tree contractors in the industry but only few offer quality services.  It is important for you to choose the right person or contractor to do the job because if the process is done incorrectly, the risk of accidents and danger is most likely to happen. It is best for you to further research on the background of the tree contractors near your area. You can look for reviews and write-ups to make your research more credible and lessen the risk of choosing the wrong one.



After a few years of planting your fruit tree, you will need to start taking good care of them. If you want to get the best yields from the trees as you envisioned pruning is important. Lack of pruning will leave your fruit trees looking like overgrown bushes. To keep the trees productive, pruning is essential. Fruit tree pruning should be done carefully. Wrong pruning will delay your trees from bearing the fruits at the right time. Wrong pruning could also reduce the production of the trees. If you want to prune your trees and get the desired yields follow the following steps.

  • Start by Clean Pruning

The first thing to do is to prune away all damaged, dead and diseased parts of the tree. This is essential to ensure the disease or decay does not spread all over the tree. Check whether your trees have suckers and prune them too. Suckers are branches that grow around the trunk of the tree. These normally come out of the rootstock. Prune all branches that are redundant in the tree. Leave only the right branches that are healthy and can bear fruits.

  • Perform a Thin Out Pruning

This is a thinning process that is aimed at opening the canopy of the tree. This boosts air circulation and allows light in the tree. It further reduces pest problems and reduces diseases from the tree. Higher yields are therefore achieved. In thinning out, remove branches that are growing downwards. Look for branches that are crossing other branches and remove them too. Have evenly spaced branches in the tree. Ensure they grow outwards and upwards. remove branches that seem to be competing with one another. As you prune leave the healthiest branched on the tree.

  • Head Back Pruning as the Last Step

Fruit trees always become heavy when the fruits grow large. Therefore, there is a need to train your tree branches to be strong. This type of pruning involves pruning the outermost growth of your tree. You prune branches to be shorter and thicker. You don’t live your tree branches to be gangly and long. This helps the tree to hold the weight of the fruits. Scientists also say it concentrates hormones and activates growth leading to higher yields. This type of pruning should be done on every branch. The pruning should be repeated time over time as the branches continue to grow. However, when repeating the pruning in future ensure you don’t cut the branches at the same spot where you had pruned the previous time. This kind of running also gives the tree important cuts. These cuts are the point of the tree budding.

Pruning fruit tree not only makes it healthy but prolongs its life. You are able to enjoy fruits from the same tree for a longer period of time. The yield of the tree increases as the tree keeps on growing over time.